Just. Start. So many times we don’t start because the circumstances aren’t perfect. I know I am not alone in my all or nothing thinking. Some want 100% or nothing at all. So we wait. Until the perfect time. Until Monday. Until January 1st. Until we feel amazing.

I fell off my lifting wagon this fall and the lack of training was beginning to get into my head. The longer I went without training, the more intimidating the idea of training became.

I catastrophized that ALL my of muscle was GONE. I worried about my lack of pep, my lack of interest (this is my profession for goodness sake!), my seeming lack of time. Even my lack of wearing leggings.

Tonight I broke the cycle of fear that was keeping me paralyzed.

The idea entered my mind after dinner… “lift???” But my mind, clutching its pearls, aghast at the very idea, immediately came back with “oh no no no, you’re not even in the appropriate pants! You would have to go all the way upstairs and get dressed…plus, you’re tired, and you haven’t had enough protein and….“

Until I interrupted my own process of making excuses and challenged my little inner hall-monitor.

Hey wait a minute… WHO SAYS YOU HAVE TO WEAR LEGGINGS TO LIFT?!?! 🤔 …I make the rules around here!

So I walked straight into the garage and did a little set IN MY JEANS with just the bar.

I broke the seal. I felt better. Consistency is far better than perfection every time.

Challenge that little inner voice with me, friends. She means well, but in her efforts to protect you, she can make you say no to things that will enrich your life.

Free Sunshine Workout of the Day

The “Just Start” Free Workout #1

(Do this in your jeans)

Equipment: Barbell, Dumbbells, or get creative (soup cans? rocks from your yard?)

10 reps of each of the following, completed top to bottom 1-3X through depending on time and energy levels.

Squat: 10 reps

Bicep Curl: 10 reps

Deadlift: 10 reps

Standing Tricep Extension: 10 reps

Push Up: 10 reps

Congrats! You’ve broken the seal!


Coach Katie


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